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February - March 2020

Martyn Harry’s Vehicles 

Opera Sonic


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Rescheduled Post Covid-19

April 2020

Mozart's The Impresario

(Der Schauspieldirektor)

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Rescheduled Post Covid-19

20 June 2020

Beethoven's Symphony No 9

Harrow Symphony Orchestra 

The Muse,

Watford Grammar School for Boys


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Rescheduled Post Covid-19


'Martin has a pleasing, agile tenor; he executed the coloratura with aplomb, and alone among the cast had mastered a Baroque trill.'

Partenope - Opera Today

'Peter Martin's Emilio offered a swaggering, self-confident contrast [...] his tenor was light, melodic and well - modulated.'

Partenope - The Idle Woman

'Peter Martin sang poetically as Beppe'

I Pagliacci - Opera Magazine

'Hazel Neighbour, Jonathan Miles and Peter Martin all made lively contributions'

Strange Ghost - Opera Magazine

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